My Prostate Cancer Story


Doctor’s we suggest

Not only was it important for John to find doctors that best fit his specific case at stage 4, but it was important that they valued QUALITY OF LIFE. These are the doctors and institutions our family suggestions. They genuinely care about our story and are committed to looking into every effort that will prolong John’s life.

It took several appointments and many doctor’s suggestions before John decided on the best route for him, we hope that you find the best option for your family.

Dr. Joe busch & Kathy Busch & Jeannie holder

Joe’s Role: Performed radiology diagnostic

Kathy’s Role: My radiologist & a constant source of support

Jeannie’s Role: My ROCKSTAR!

Location: Busch Center (Alpharetta, Georgia)

Contact Jeannie Holder

Professor Anwar Padhani

His Role: Full body PSMA imaging

Location: Paul Strickland Scanner Centre (Northwood, United Kingdom)


Dr. Ben Wilkinson

His Role: Radiation Oncologist during Proton Therapy

Location: Provision Proton Center (Knoxville, Tennessee)


Dr. Ethan Tolbert

His Role: Oncologist

Location: Georgia Cancer Specialists (Atlanta, GA)


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