My Prostate Cancer Story


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Why its Important to get a Rectal Exam


I am living proof that the PSA blood tests are not always “accurate.”

When I went to my primary care doctor a year ago, I had a PSA of 3.2. Yes, that number was accurate, but my prostate cancer was probably at stage 3 or 4 at that time.

Low PSA does not EQUAL no prostate cancer.

Once I noticed blood in my semen, I went to a urologist who performed a rectal exam. He IMMEDIATELY noticed that something was up.

If I had a rectal exam 5 years ago, I would had caught this cancer earlier enough that I could be CURED.

So many men get prostate cancer, but most catch it early enough before it becomes an issue. Don’t let it spread. Go get a finger stuck in your butt.

I know it doesn’t sound fund, and I can guarantee that it isn’t. But it is worth avoiding what I have had to go through.