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My Prostate Cancer Story was originally created by John Vass as a way to share his story with friends, family, and other men who may be going through a similar journey; however, it has evolved into a resource and a place where other’s can share their own prostate cancer story. Our hope is that by sharing these stories and resources, we can create awareness in order to help prevent other men from getting prostate cancer and allow men who have been diagnosed and their families to feel that they are not alone.


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From getting diagnosed to going through therapy, we know that the process is challenging. If you’d like to get in touch with John, please reach out and we will try to help in any way that we can.

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Father, Husband, and Friend



John Vass

During his 30th year at Delta Air Lines at age 55, John was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer. After going to a number of doctors and hearing a multitude of options, he was discouraged but eventually met doctors who valued quality of life and he decided to go through proton therapy. Our family is now simply waiting. Waiting for the proton therapy to continue killing the cancer until we can get another scan. We will continue to provide updates on the blog, but learn more about his prostate cancer story here.

John is not just a strong man with cancer, but he is a father, husband, and a friend. He has a 26 year old son named Jordan and twins named Jacob and Jessica who are 22. He and his wife April live in Newnan, Georgia. They enjoy having parties by the pool, fishing, and rooting for the Iowa Hawkeyes.